Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer is here

Summer is here...
swim classes have commenced...

some of us have moved up to the big pool
which causes anxiety, excitement, and all kinds of wonderful feelings
she is doing wonderful we are very proud

 also in summer is dance recitals
Sara had her very first one in which she appeared in two dances
which caused anxiety, excitement, and all kinds of wonderful feelings
She did wonderful we were very proud

Some of us are too little for swim class and dance class so we sit on the side and wave
she does well we are proud of her too
she has feelings of joy, anger, frustration and other mixed feelings

All in all we are dealing with summer and all it has to bring...
so bring it summer we are going just a little stir crazy at home

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Summer? Well yes and no I live in CA so summer doesn't come until school starts again weather wise...
But other than that the kids are out of school and on crazy schedules...
one is sick the other is going batty from being indoors and the third is completely confused as to what happened to her regularly scheduled program!
To sleep in? or not to? I am not sure
these are the days I think of when people say I am a good mom
I say what you are crazy my kids are home for the summer and all I want to do is walk for hours and relax...they are not going to talk for hours...they are going to follow me around the house as I clean and mess it all up...they are going to spill their lunch all over the floor I just vacuumed...
they are going to plead for T.V. and snacks refuse to eat dinner and refuse to go to bed...
so I will get frustrated and want to cry because I didn't get my miles of walking or my exercise i need/want and get mad that as fast as I clean it gets messy....
It sounds like I have trouble with being selfish....any ideas on how to get what I need exercise and what they need? How can I compromise?
Guess I will go do laundry while they spill on the clothes they are wearing...it's going to be a looooooooooong summer with this attitude....stay tuned I might have a good day...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday....to another love bug

My beloved has had a birthday...and with my sparse blogging birthdays tend to bring me out for a post or two....so here is a birthday blog....

My beloved has aged another year this might be his best yet. I have had the privilege of celebrating his last 15 or so birthdays with him. He is so dreamy...sigh....
I want to say thank you to him for these lovely parties we get to have 
We usually BBQ...which leads to lovely food and sunshine and just a lovely time had by all
This year was no exception good food good friends good fun!
Alan I am so amazed and in awe of your greatness! Here is to another great year together may this year surpass all your hopes and dreams! I love you

Amazing 11 years

The most wonderful man in the world! 11 years ago (and 11 days ago sorry for the tardy post)
My husband and I said I do to whatever lies ahead. I do to three children, I do to bad choices financially, I do to fat tummy's, to wrinkles to more love to more happiness with each passing day. We have made it 11 years and I adore my sweet husband more than I did that day...which is unfathomable! He is so amazing and supportive. He continues to make me laugh and smile and get weak in the knees with a simple wink. Oh Alan how I love you!
The hubby and I love food! We love to go out and eat it hey we are willing to stay home and make it but this day (was) special. So Alan made reservations at Etoile in Yountville CA.  It was amazing and delicious and romantic and all I dreamed it would be.
Here are some of the lovely dishes that I chose from the tasting menu. We had a lovely time. 11 years doesn't seem long but when I think of all we have done in those years or see how our children have grown I see it is a substantial amount of time to be proud of.
Progression of us...Alan I love and adore you more than I can convey! Thank you for a wonderful 11 years see you for many many more!