Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a lovely morning

I have been searching for a new water bottle...the one I have has served seven great years. I am not sure it is BTA free or not. And with how often I fill and drain that bottle I figured I should get one I know is BTA free. I checked R.E.I last night and was very discouraged. I found out I didn't need to pick up the kindergartner today so Audrey and I walked to the bart station and got off at the Berkeley exit. I get giddy when I am in Berkeley. I suddenly feel excited and happy. I see the campus and immediately start to feel smart or pretend.

Audrey and I trekked up to the ASUC store and began our search. I found this one immediately and knew it was the one. It holds lots of water and shows off my love of all things CAL. It took me awhile to stop shopping and to purchase my water bottle. I saw so many things. If I could have a closet of only CAL clothes I would be satisfied. I sure love my bears and their apparel. Having found what we needed we decided to wander just a little bit. We walked by all my favorite food places...and with a empty stomach and a heavy heart we waved goodbye to all 15 of my favorite food places and jumped back on bart. I had a wonderful time and was able to keep that happiness untill a good 4:30 when I had six kids all to myself. Still very pleased I think it is time to refill my new water bottle...his name will be Bob! After our beloved Bob Briggs! GO BEARS clobber those sweet little Gopher's!


Yum my favorite. After a long day of watching six kids nothing sounded better than some pancakes! I love homemade pancakes. We use the Alton Brown recipe it never fails. I love them so much!

Clearly I am not the only one! They seem to make everyone happy! I make them smaller because I want to. They are so good you don't need anything to go on them. I eat them plain. The girls do like jelly on theirs.
If you make too many you can eat them for a snack. Pancakes are certainly a comfort food for me. They make me feel calm and happy. I was thinking this evening that pancakes fall into the category of if someone says they are bad and will kill me I will kiss my family and make another batch! Yum! Have you had pancakes for dinner today?