Monday, March 15, 2010

is this for real?

So all this time I have this blog and intend to write in it...I write it in more than I actually publish it. When I blog I want to be able to use it to express myself. I am not sure who that is so sometimes it is hard. The parts I do see and think about often I am not really a fan so I don't want to share those. But I don't want to continue with those things either...and how will I know how to change them if they hide in the dark haunting parts of my brain? But also (unfortunately) I care a lot about what you think...and I don't want you to think of me how I think of me...I really need someone to like me. Some things about me are good...but I don't want to come off conceited and scare you away either...

I love reading blogs. My favorites have pictures. Personal thought out pictures...not some tabloid thing of a celebrity being scandalous doing the same things we do just getting caught...I love even more than picture blogs is the person being real and open and willing to express themselves and knowing how. I don't know if these blogs I read are all of them scribbled out on the page or just pieces. I like the pieces idea...kind of like a big beautiful puzzle with all the pieces waiting to be put together. This piece has a ugly dirty orange on it...but added to the whole puzzle it is the dark side of a beautiful flower or a beautiful hat on a sweet little girl.

I guess my idea is to try to be the blog I want to try to workout those ugly parts of the puzzle so when they are all together it makes a beautiful me. This seems easy to explain and it sounds nice...but I know for me it will be very very hard to not delete everything I write. If you are reading this I guess I am one step closer. Please forgive my grammar and spelling I am hoping through writing on here I will get better. But also I can not go back and reread it to check because I will delete it every time.

I will continue to add my 365 pictures but also I think my plan is to just add them and then try to write whatever is needed not necessarily pertaining to the pictures. Bare with me and to the three people who have encouraged me to be more real and to give it a try thank you...maybe someday I will be brave enough to thank you in person!

slow 365

So my internet has been down so I have been unable to post any of my 365 pictures...which I started to become lax so early in the game on taking pictures. I take pictures but not the kind I wanted to be taking for this project...I shall have to try harder...
Here is picture 3/365...I love to bake...and this is probably something I already knew about me...but maybe you didn't!
4/365 This is my sweet girl unwilling to let go and hang up side works better than I thought it would. Remember when I said hopefully the pictures would help me find out more about me...well I wont let go matter how many times someone assures me it is ok and they will catch me.
5/365 here is another of my sweet babies. She is so small and so sweet. I see in this picture that I am able to do something good.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My dear sweet Sara

So what seems like so long ago I gave birth to a second beautiful and perfect girl. This one is perfect and beautifully different from the first. Sara has turned seven. She seems so much older than seven so when she does something a seven year old would do I am befuddled until I remember she is only seven. She is my strong rock. She strokes my hair when I am sad and is always willing to help with everything. She is still beautiful even more than her first day here in my arms. She is very smart and very clever. She always is able to find something funny to say. I am so thankful she is my little girl and that I have a few more years to call her my little girl.

To my sweet Sara...Thank you for all your love and strength. Thank you for taking me to see Wicked on your birthday! Please remember you are beautiful, smart and have one of the best laughs I ever heard and I love you so very much! Have an awesome birthday party this weekend!

day two!!!

I have done two days in a row!!! I took two pictures for my project. Mind you I take lots of other pictures but I think with each picture I take I will be showing off a piece of myself. So here goes

Here is day two....

With this one I went again with a pair of boots and a skirt. I promise it wont be all boots and skirts. That's just silly and I would run out of ideas. So this is a skirt I bought at a thrift store and am working up the courage to wear it out a second time...The boots are also from a thrift store but alas are borrowed. Bye bye boots! I am not too sure what my thought is an interesting picture I feel...and yes these are my feet!

I promise no boots tomorrow or skirts...

Am I caving?

I love pictures. A lot. I never took the photography classes in school. I always talk about it but I just haven't done it yet. I love looking at pictures taking pictures and putting them all over the house! My house is beginning to look like a giant scrapbook. I see everyone doing these 365 picture projects and so I was curious would I be able to come up with 365 different pictures? So I started On Wednesday. Why a Wednesday I don't know I just did.
My sweet Sara who is 7 said she would do it with me. She is pretty awesome with the camera so i am excited to see what she will come up with too. I think we will start her blog tomorrow stay tuned.

Here is my first picture...I have had a thing for boots lately and I becoming the girl my mother always dreamed of? Maybe but sadly this is not is my beloved seven year old who was willing to pose in the rain in her school uniform.

I hope you enjoy looking at these! You should do it too! I think it will be fun.