Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Insurance oh the pains!

I had to change the insurance provider for my children again! (what is this like the tenth time?) It is so annoying. Most of the time it isn't too bad. Usually we get to keep the doctor our beloved Hilltop Pediatrics! I will miss them so much. After ten years with the same place we were told we could no longer see that doctor. I tried repeatedly to tell them that we are not a new patient to the office but because we are new to the insurance we can't go there anymore. :(

First let me go off and say how wonderful Hilltop Pediatrics is...every doctor in their practice is wonderful! Always a pleasure, always helpful, always caring. The staff is top notch too always took the time to show interest in my children. I highly recommend them all. Good by dear Hilltop Pediatrics!!!

Hello Bayside Pediatrics. Wish us luck.....