Monday, July 19, 2010

Quiet time

I am having one of those incredibly rare moments in the life of a full time mom...
the baby is asleep, the cat is asleep, the older two are happily, quietly playing in their room
This is so rare I'm not sure what to do with myself.
I am first of all on an actual computer not my phone reaching out to the outside world and listening to what I want to listen to not radio Disney. (no offense radio Disney nothing but love for you but some days we need a little John Mayer or a little Norah Jones.) 
I try hard not to play those artists in front of the kids so they can be my artists. I let them listen to Glee and they sing it so much I can't stand to listen to it.  So Mr. Mayer take me away to the land of happy. To the land of playing the guitar that is leaning against the dresser collecting dust.  
If I could actually get this serenity more often I would...what? Do laundry? Vacuum? Bake? I did most of that already even though I could use to do some more.  I would love to learn to play the guitar. Do you know how to play?  (I warned you in the title of this blog that my brain is messy) I want to be able to sit and strum some silly songs.... troubadourish I think. Sing about grass between my toes for my own amusement.  But alas I have no clue...I can't get my fingers to reach or push hard enough.
If I could find this serenity time on a regular basis I some exercise....I do love it so but I just can't figure out how to squeeze it in with three kids.  The older ones wont walk with me very far and they laugh when I do videos...(I'm sensitive so no laughing to my face) and the baby jumps on me when I try to do crunches...not very helpful.  I love food and I like to watch tv about food.  I am told that Adam Richmond runs five miles a day to stay in shape from his over indulging TV show.  I hate to run but if it will work I better find a way to do it.
I have come up with nothing to do with this time. I think I will surf the web for Halloween costumes I need a hat for my costume and the babies costume...yup nothing is getting accomplished in this time of serenity. Sing to me Mr. Mayer!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Click, click

Silly summer sleep schedule is all messed up...granted I haven't been feeling well so I have squeezed in naps, but now here I lay frustrated as can be because sleep refuses to come. My ten year old occasionally has this problem she is usually reduced to tears when we tell her to relax and close her eyes sleep will come. But man it is four o'clock in the morning and sleep is refusing to come. I'm tired...I would rub my eyes if they didn't hurt so much from this silly sinus infection. So here I am thinking, listening, not sleeping. What am I thinking? Hmmm well how I can squeeze in exercise to a day filled with three kids who thus far have been against every attempt for me to exercise. How I could talk myself into running five miles a day when I hate running to the car. I think Shyam I still awake? Everyone else is sleeping. Why not me? What did I do wrong? I've tried surfing the web and listeningto music...but everything I look at is dumb and every song is annoying. It sounds to me like I need to go to sleep ...oh botherwhy won't sleep come?

Thanks for letting me rant...I'm tired and hope to fall asleep before the kids wake up. I hope you slept well. Good night oh sandman I'm over here.