Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NOT Red Velvet cookies

So I always wondered about Red Velvet cake and other red velvet desserts
Why red? I hate red
Why a whole bottle of food coloring?
Why do most recipes use a cake mix? I'm not that lazy
If I don't want to use food coloring what would i use to still have it taste and look good?
Well today I am having a bad day...
and if you have read any of my blog posts you would know that means it's time to bake
well sometimes it doesn't work out...
being a bad day and all
So I decided to try to make something "Blue" Velvet
(being that I don't like red)
Well FAIL!
let's count all the things that went wrong...
1. the cookies were a little over cooked and look black
I swear they are blue
2. They were overcooked because my oven sucks and I can't read the temperature and I think it is off anyway
3. they taste bad because they were over cooked and because they are ugly

at any rate stick to RED Velvet desserts
Here is the recipe I used follow it but don't use any other color
here are some crappy photos of the process

they look like coal! 
I just thought it was important for me to be honest in my blog 
and say hey I did not do well at this
this is a good reason why no one does other colors then red

 Audrey likes the cookies though
I am done trying today!

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